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Welcome to the ftp.ibiblio.org public rsync server. You may download any of our distributions by using the appropriate module name. For example: rsync -av ftp.ibiblio.org::gutenberg/ /local/path/ July 2012 update: ibiblio is phasing out rsync mirroring. Please refer to the appropriate project web site for information about other sources. The ibiblio Linux Archive is now available via BitTorrent. See http://www.ibiblio.org/software/linux/ If you have problems or questions, please visit http://www.ibiblio.org/help/ Thanks! receiving incremental file list ./ index.html Number of files: 101,929 (reg: 93,749, dir: 6,887, link: 1,293) Number of created files: 0 Number of regular files transferred: 1 Total file size: 4,932,497,280 bytes Total transferred file size: 11,346 bytes Literal data: 700 bytes Matched data: 10,646 bytes File list size: 1,268,799 File list generation time: 0.030 seconds File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds Total bytes sent: 7,042 Total bytes received: 1,946,738 sent 7,042 bytes received 1,946,738 bytes 8,820.68 bytes/sec total size is 4,932,497,280 speedup is 2,524.59
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